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Wellentine creates special, customizable posters for families, friends and everyone you care about. As a Wellentine partner, you get the special opportunity to act as a brand ambassador for our company.

Your role is to help us bring our mission of spreading customizable gift ideas in a personal way to many people in Germany and across Europe. You'll get insights into ongoing campaigns, be the first to know about new articles and take part in a lucrative compensation program .

Do you have an Instagram or TikTok account with at least 2,500 subscribers and content that aligns with our brand? Then don't hesitate to apply!

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This is what awaits you in our partner program

Application for the program

You can easily apply in just a few steps and under 60 seconds - we will check your profile as quickly as possible and if it fits, you are officially part of our partner community.

Spread our products

Create content on Instagram & TikTok, delight your followers and support our vision of bringing our personalized posters into every home.

Attractive earning opportunities

With your individual discount code, you generate income for every poster sold using your code, which secures you an attractive commission.

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  1. You will receive products free of charge that you can personalize.
  2. You present the products to your online community and inform them about our exciting offers.
  3. In addition to the added value that your actions offer the community, you will receive commission-based compensation.
  4. You will always be informed about our latest designs, partnerships and campaigns.
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